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We repair

We have fully equipped professional service with many specialized technicians and engineers who will deal with any fault on any type of equipment of wide range of automation and robotics. Diagnose and evaluation of repair is totally free of charge and takes a lot shorter than competitors. All repair / refurbished products are fully tested prior to shipping so you are sure that you will get 100% working equipment .

We modernize

Modernization of  automation systems often happens to be good solution. Having on mind changing standards withdrawal of obsolete technologies and fact that changing individual components for new is quite often cheaper than buying an old one, our service will install new programs,  modernize whole system  including exchange and dispose of old.

Everything cheap , fast and professional

We sell

In our internet shop you will buy all necessary spare components of wide range of automation and robotics. We store massive collection of PLC`s , HMI`s  , inverters , teach panels , servo drives and many many more of new and obsolete spares. Full availability , lowest prices , and very fast delivery time are our biggest attributes . When you decide to place an order in our company  you can be sure that you will get it fast with full warranty.


  • PLC`s

    Programmable logic controller, the heart of the whole system of industrial automation. It is a kind of industrial PC, control the various production processes, controlling the work of machines on production lines, as well as responsible for automation of electromechanical processes. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of PLC systems, derived from the best manufacturers in the world in the field of industrial automation.
  • HMI

    HMI (abbreviation of. "Human Machine Interface") is a user interface that is responsible for communication with an industrial PC controller and drive system. Using the interface issued and commands, and its screen shows data from installed applications. We offer a wide range of user interfaces, from simple, small size panels, to advanced graphic screens with multiple graphics capabilities.
  • Drives

    Suitable drive is the basis for effective functioning of the equipment in the field of industrial automation. Drives convert energy into mechanical motion, so that their power should depend on the size, responsibilities and capabilities of the device to be powered. Our experts will help you match the right product to meet customer needs. We offer drives many of the leading companies that provide their products to markets around the world.
  • servo motors and encoders

    Transmitters rotary pulse also called encoders, are very useful devices whose main task is to measure the angular displacements and counted pulses. These electronic sensors are responsible for the proper functioning of the motor and drive modules for industrial automation. We recommend our rich collection of motors and encoders, most reputable companies in the industry.
  • CNC and MC tools

    Popularity CNC machines, milling machines and other devices that operate on the basis of the control numeric meant that every important store of devices in the field of industrial automation has in its offer tools to improve the operation of this type of equipment and storage media with software enabling control of machine tools and other devices CNC companies.
  • General products

    General Products are components used in automatic control. Responsible for streamlining production processes, control of individual processes and reporting any errors. We have a wide range of products from general industrial automation.
  • Automation safety

    Security issues, especially in such high-tech industries as those using industrial automation, must be particularly respected. Modern safety standards of production lines and industrial machinery necessitate the application of appropriate safeguards, such as protective curtains, mats or safety PLCs. In our shop we have all the necessary safety devices, so you can focus on improving production efficiency. We will take care about your safety.
  • Robotics

    The use of robots for industrial and replace them people is not only a scenic literary fiction. For years, just as the reality of large, technologically advanced industrial plants as well as in the mining industry, mining and metallurgy. Robotics as a field of mechanical engineering is constantly evolving, and manufacturers provide to the market more and more new models of robots, which - suitably programmed - contribute to increasing the productivity of many companies.

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